We’ve never needed as many photographs for our businesses as we do today. Traditional media has a much longer lifespan compared to digital media, and we now constantly need fresh content for our online marketing. These photo sessions are aimed at creating on-brand imagery to use for all your marketing needs. We have devised a strategy to consistently create eye catching and relevant content for your business, whilst lowering your photography expense with up to 20% to help regulate your business’ cashflow.

Our aim is to provide you with enough quality images, until we meet for our next photo session. It is up to you what your session is used for, but we advise that we take a variety of imagery to keep your marketing interesting. Photos can include portraits, products, stock type images of items related to your business, your office, an event and more. You decide! Please contact us should you need a custom retainer.

OPTION 1:     2-hour photo session every 3 months
                        (4 photo sessions per year)
                        R 1 550.00 p/month
OPTION 2:     2-hour photo session every 2 months
                        (6 photo sessions per year)
                        R 2 250.00 p/month

For your business to deliver high quality posts consistently, you need excellent content. And that’s what we’re here for!


South Africa is still choosing Facebook as their favourite social media platform, but it has taken a dive in the rest of the world with Instagram taking the lead in most developed countries. Social media continues to be image dominated, with an increase in video posts. Whatever platforms you choose to use, we can agree that your post will need an image to accompany it, as posts without images goes mostly unnoticed. 

Major brands are currently posting on average 1.5 times per day. However, more important than posting frequency, is posting consistency. We also need to keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. That means the best amount of posts for your social media account will be the number that your business can keep up with consistently, in high quality.