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Our headshots and creative portraits cater for multiple professions and has many applications. They are used for online profiles, print collateral, websites, integrated reporting, and more. We’ll cover a few different looks and backgrounds in order to provide you with a variety of photos to use until your next photo session. When planning your outfit, include items like scarves, ties and jackets to create many looks without having to change your entire outfit.


A personal branding session differs from our headshots and creative portraits as it is not limited to portraiture. With these sessions we focus on your brand, what you are selling, and what your target market would like to see. The photos are typically used for social media content, websites, blogs and other marketing material. It is often photographed in a work environment and can include anything from products to a peak into your typical workday.


Our product photography ranges from typical pack-shots taken in studio, to styled product photos shot on location. We also photograph garments and fashion accessories on models for online store catalogues, and have a mobile studio option for those hard-to-travel-with products. Need photos of large-scale machinery? We can photograph it on location and put it against a clean background in post production by means of our deep etching and image manipulation services available.


Architectural photography is one of our specialties; having worked with top property developers and letting agents over the last few years. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide you with quality wide angle and detail photos. Our architectural photography has been published multiple times in newspapers and integrated reports, and we even made the cover of The African Design Magazine.


This type of photography mostly applies to manufacturing and industrial industries, but is sometimes necessary in other businesses too. It can be used to showcase a process or technique, or used for staff training and manuals. As photographers with experience in the industrial and mining industries, we have the ability to generate interest in lifeless objects and tell a story of a process.


We cover various corporate events and functions including conferences, year-end functions, award ceremonies, expos, fundraisers, product launches, and more. We are equipped and skilled to work in different lighting conditions, and can cover the whole event from arrival of important guests, to press photos that can be made available within a few hours.


We create contemporary photographs with technical excellence, with our focus on corporates and business owners. Our aim is to capture the identity of businesses and brands to help sell them to their target market. Having joined up with various creative teams, we have a clear understanding of both corporate and designer needs. We are able to work closely to direction, but are also experienced enough to take charge of any photographic session. We’ve done work in most genres of photography which enables us to provide creative images for any product, brand or person.


MARIKE LAMPRECHT founded Marike Photography in 2009 after obtaining her BTech degree in photography at the Tshwane University of Technology. She has experience in most genres of photography and excels in corporate and commercial work. She has a team of photographers whom she works with, and will be able to send someone when she can’t attend a photo session herself for any reason.



Some of our clients include: Bamboua, BCE-Global, Citi-Net Flyers, City Property, CLS-Group (UK), CollectNET, Competition Tribunal, Fashion World, Fischer, Iconomy, Instacom, KPMG, Laser Adventures, LFP Training, Meropa, Novi Skin, Orren Lifestyle, Pam Golding, PHSDSBC, Powertech SA, Sangari South Africa, SANRC, Sasol via Deloitte, Saxon Hotel, Taemane Blue, University of Johannesburg, Whirlpool, Wreckers Group.
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We’ve never needed as many photographs for our businesses as we do today. Traditional  media has a much longer lifespan compared to digital media, and we now constantly need fresh content for our online marketing. These photo sessions are aimed at creating on-brand imagery to use for all your marketing needs. We have devised a strategy to consistently provide you with fresh and relevant content, whilst lowering your photography expense. We offer two standard retainer options:


OPTION 1 – 1-hour photo session every 2 months (6 photo sessions per year) – R1400 p/month

OPTION 2 – 1-hour photo session every 3 months (4 photo sessions per year) – R950 p/month


Our aim is to provide you with enough quality images, until we meet for our next photo session. It is up to you what your hour is used for, but we advise that we take a variety of imagery to keep your marketing interesting. Photos can include personal branding sessions, executive portraits, stock type images of items related to your business, product photos and more. You decide! For your business to deliver high quality content consistently, you need excellent photos. And that’s what we’re here for!

Should you wish to make use of our retainer plan or need a bit more information, please contact us!